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Our current topic is    Dinosaurs 




Old and new toys

Why something is special to us

Sorting toys into categories

Representing an object (toy) using the correct colours by drawing and painting

Designing /planning and making a toy 

Looking at different coins 

Books - Billy's Bucket and Kipper's Toy box 

Here is some of our learning so far  -   You will find more on our photos page




Previous Topics 


Significant people in History

First Man to step on the moon- Neil Armstrong 

Adventures of Christopher Columbus

What do explorers need?

What is an explorer? 


Learning the features of a castle

Making a castle 

Designing a coat of arms 

The story of George and the Dragon 

Role play which included a "Royal Banquet" and "Life in a castle"

Visit to Windsor Castle



We looked at the many superheroes around us

We thought about what special powers we would have if we were a superhero 

We were given daily challenges such as 

"How to free a superhero"

"Making a trap"

"Mixing a potion"

"Reveal the hidden words" 

Using musical instruments for effect  linked  to the book Supertato 



Toys - Spring 1

Here we looked at a wide variety of things relating to toys such as 

Our favourite toy

How a toy works

Different types of toys

History of toys 

Designing our own toy

Making our own toy

Drawing and painting pictures of our favourite toys 

Music and Movement  (Dancing and moving like a robot)

Making a sock puppet - linked to the storybook -  Kipper's Toy box

Feelings and emotions - linked to the storybook - Dogger

We even had our very own toy shop where we could use coins such as 1p,2p,5p,10p,20p to pay for the things we bought.





Explorers 1
Explorers 2
Explorers 3
Explorers 4
Explorers 5
Explorers 6
Explorers 7
Explorers 8
Explorers 9
Explorers 10
Explorers 11
Explorers 12


Toys 1
Toys 2
Toys 3
Toys 4
Toys 5
Toys 6
Toys 7
Toys 8
Toys 9
Toys 10
Toys 11
Toys 12

Let's Celebrate  - Autumn 2

This included a whole host of opportunities for the children to learn about celebrations .

We looked at





Welcoming a new baby.

Let's Celebrate

Let's Celebrate 1
Let's Celebrate 2
Let's Celebrate 3
Let's Celebrate 4
Let's Celebrate 5
Let's Celebrate 6
Let's Celebrate 7
Let's Celebrate 8
Let's Celebrate 9
Let's Celebrate 10
Let's Celebrate 11
Let's Celebrate 12
Let's Celebrate 13
Let's Celebrate 14
Let's Celebrate 15