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Parents' Forum

Who are we?
We are parents who meet regularly with the Senior Leadership Team to discuss school issues. Any parent can come along! Kids can come along too and sit with you during the meeting.


What do we do?

We get together roughly every 6 weeks, to discuss ideas and suggestions as to how to improve the school. It gives parents a ‘voice’ and enables Senior Leaders to receive feedback about the school. It also provides the school with an opportunity to run new ideas past parents.


What do we discuss?

Anything, as long as it affects the whole school. Parents set the agenda. Examples include involving parents in the design of the new school prospectus and our comments on home learning being fed into discussions with staff at a training day to make improvements. Personal concerns should be shared with the appropriate member of staff outside of the Forum.


Contact details

If you have anything you would like discussed or just want to be kept up to date on the meetings, then please leave a message for Parents’ Forum at the office or email us at