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There are lots of people that you can talk to if you are worried. All the staff that you see at school are here to listen and speak to you about any concerns that you might have. If you would prefer to talk to someone else, there is an organisation called Childline, where you can find people to speak to on the phone, via their website or via email.


'No problem is too big or small.'



Childline is open 24 hours a day. You can get in touch with them via the telephone, email or chat to them online. They offer counsellors that are used to speaking to lots of young people and will help make it easy for you, these counsellors volunteer for Childline in different places all over the UK.

You might not know what to say or how they'll react. But you can talk to them about anything - from bullying to arguments at home. You can also ask them their first name if you like.

Call: 0800 1111

Visit their website:Childline