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We are beginning our Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) journey. OPAL is a whole school development priority to ensure that every child has at least one hour of outstanding outdoor play every day. Research shows that children's mental and physical health is deteriorating and that great play can make it better. During seven years at primary school, children spend 1.4 years at play!

What is OPAL?

Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) is a community interest (CIC) company dedicated to providing services to schools and organisations in England and Wales to improve the quality of play opportunities for all children. OPAL staff have expertise in teaching, school improvement, landscape design, project management, play and strategic planning. The OPAL Primary Programme offers schools a structured process, with mentored support provided for up to two years and many resources, to enable schools to permanently change both their environment and their culture to enable provision of amazing playtimes every day.