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In Year 5, we have daily numeracy and arithmetic lessons.  Using our new Small Steps approach ( every child has the chance to become masters at maths.  Every lesson provides an opportunity to develop a skill through fluency, reasoning and problem solving.  Additionally, children frequently set themselves high expectations by completing extra challenges.

Although in Year 5 it is expected that all children know their times tables, it is still important to practise them regularly.  Included in your child's reading record is their personal login details for Times Tables Rock Stars.  This is an excellent online resource for helping to learn times tables.  Get rocking!

Listed below are some of the topics covered in numeracy:

  • All four operations, including multi-step problem solving;
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages;
  • Statistics - reading, interpreting and drawing line graphs; reading and interpreting timetables;
  • Perimeter and area;
  • Geometry - 3D shapes and angles;
  • Measurements - volume and mass.