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 What is Geography?

Geography is the study of the Earth. This includes all the different countries, oceans, climate and more! We can learn about geography from maps, globes, atlases or by going outside and exploring! At Leatherhead Trinity we try to develop a curiosity about the world and the environment in which we live and to broaden the children's horizons.

What do Geographers do?

 How can you support your child?

Every day 'geography' features heavily in the news from the current weather, flooding, traffic congestion, to where conflicts are happening in the world. Just by talking about current events in the news - local and world wide you are helping your child build their understanding of the world. Let your child look up in an atlas or on Google maps where you are going when you go on a trip, let them discover where places are in relation to each other and how long it will take to get there. Even get them to think about the weather!

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