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Our community supporting science

Dental Elements teach us about dental hygiene

Sarah and Jackie from Dental Elements in Leatherhead came into school to talk about how important it is to look after our teeth.  They showed us how to brush our teeth in circular motions, remembering to move our tongue to the side so we can get to those awkward places. Brushing should happen twice a day for two minutes each time, as this will help keep teeth healthy.   Sarah and Jackie also talked about sugar content in drinks. They recommended the best drinks to have are either milk or water.  They also suggested that when we have treats – sweets or chocolate, try and have these at mealtimes as this reduces the impact of the sugar reacting with bacteria.


Year 4 and Year 6 Energy Saving Workshop Run by Exxon Mobil

Year 4 and Year 6 recently participated in workshops which focused on the importance of energy that we use. The workshops were led by Sandy, a representative from Exxon Mobil. The children enjoyed a variety of different activities, these included:

  • identifying objects both at home and school which need electricity to function
  • pretending to be different objects that run on electricity, becoming an orchestra made up of electrical appliances
  • spotting the difference between a house which was eco-friendly and one that was not
  • playing a game of snakes and ladders that involved children thinking about the importance of saving energy

After the event, Lorne (Year 4) commented that he had, "Really enjoyed learning about how to save energy and why it is important to not waste it."  We would like to express our thanks to Sandy, from Exxon Mobil, for coming in and running the workshops for us.      



Thank you Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil have very kindly donated money to the school to buy some brand new torches. The torches are really going to help the children when they investigate and learn about light in their science lessons. Year 5 children were very excited to test the torches and Lauren said, "These are fantastic, they are really bright!" Thank you Exxon Mobil!