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Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection on Monday

As you are all hopefully aware, we are having our Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection on Monday. All Church of England and Methodist schools are inspected approximately every five years by a SIAMS inspector from the Church of England, although there has been some delay to inspections due to Covid. A SIAMS inspection is an opportunity to highlight the impact that the school’s Christian vision has on the flourishing of the whole school community. It is likely that our inspector, Andy Higgs, will speak with some of you on Monday, on the playground

In collective worship on Monday we thought about Sukkot, a Jewish harvest festival. Sukkot happened this year between dusk on 29th September and dusk last Friday on 6th October. During Sukkot, Jewish families will eat outdoors in shelters that they build out of tree branches, and they’ll hang up fruit (a rather strange-looking lemon) called an ‘etrog’, to decorate their shelters as a reminder to be thankful and remember…which is a very familiar message to us as well! The children then listened to the story that families retell at Sukkot (Manna and the Quail) which helps them to remember the time that God’s people spent in the desert, on their epic journey to a new home.

On Wednesday’s collective worship, our house captains launched our Harvest appeal. We are collecting items for Epsom and Ewell’s Food Bank. The house captains shared a video about where the food donations go, and the difference it makes to the people the food bank helps.

Next Friday is FOLT’s ‘Crazy Hair Day’. Children should be in school uniform, but can have their hair done in any ‘crazy’ way they would like in return for a £1 donation. This can be paid as cash on the day or you can donate via FOLT’s SumUp page