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Subitising is recognising the amount without counting. In reception we call it 'fast eyes'. The easiest way to practice this is by playing lots of dice games! Encourage children to recognise the pattern quickly e.g. the 4 is in a square shape. 


Make sure your child can say the number names in order and move objects to count them one at a time. We are practising up to 10 and being secure with this. 

Try these counting activities at home... 

*Count cars on your way to school

*Count steps on the stairs

*Play Simon Says and give children a number of actions e.g. Simon says clap your hands 4 times 

*Count physical actions e.g. hops/ jumps 

*Count toys 

*Count out blocks when they are building 

*Count out cutlery on the table 



Understanding of number 

We are working on recognising numbers in different representations e.g. on a dice, on numicon, on fingers, on coins etc. 



We have been learning the 2D shapes (square, triangle, circle, rectangle) and the 3D shapes (cube, cuboid,

sphere, cylinder, cone). Here are our 3D shape rhymes we learnt. 

Try going on a shape hunt in your house and seeing what 3D shapes you can find. Remember 3D shapes are fat NOT flat.