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Year 6 Trip to Fairthorne Manor

Day 1: Year 6 have arrived safely at Fairthorne Manor.  The weather is lovely and we are about to eat lunch on the field.


Wet, wet, wet!! What an experience they have all had starting their Year 6 Residential. We were immediately thrown into the ‘deep end’ with individual kayaking. Out of the twenty six children, four plunged in but there were no tears to be had.


The children showed amazing team work by all successfully building a raft for nine to float on. This success was short lived, as most fell / jumped into the lake.We are ready and raring for the adventures ahead.

Day 2: All the children have eaten and are ready for another day of fun filled activities.


Windy, windy, windy!!  Although the wind picked up, the tents stood firm and all the year six children had a cosy first night.


The day kicked off with some paddle boarding. The children managed to stand up on their boards in the water and some even did forwards and backwards rolls.


The water ecology team caught and examined many animals; water boatman, dragon fly nymphs, diving beetles, pond skaters, pea mussels and freshwater shrimps. They learnt many fascinating facts, such as dragon fly nymphs are baby dragon flys and can remain as such for up to 4 years, until they develop wings and fly.

After lunch, the children split into three groups. Teamwork and perseverance were key to success in every activity.


One of the teams were heard chanting their friend’s name, as he conquered his fear of heights and made the leap off the high aerial platform. Another group had to put their trust in each other as they made their way round the obstacle course blindly.


The team leaders at Fairthorne Manor have commented Year 6 have been polite from the very start, full of enthusiasm and showing a ‘have a go’ attitude with every activity. They have said that the children from Leatherhead Trinity have supported each other throughout and have been a pleasure to have.


Miss Deacon, Mr Freeman, Mrs Celine and Mrs Gattey have been very proud of them and cannot wait for the next two days of adventures!

Day 3: All the children are up, fed and ready for climbing, the high ropes and the disco.

‘Higher, higher, higher! This morning has been all about getting airborne! The groups have been testing their nerve on the aerial runway where you leap off a high platform and glide through the woods and across a river before landing on the other side. Everyone had a go - even the teachers although they screamed the loudest.


Meanwhile, the rest of the children have been working in pairs to climb the mighty Jacob’s ladder and stacking crates with children teetering in the top!


Once again the whole team have done brilliantly, everyone had a go at everything and a couple of people overcame their fear of heights and ended up having many goes on an activity they started off thinking they could not do.


Archie, our lead instructor also said the he thinks our children are amongst the most polite he has ever met so we feel like winners!


This afternoon we will be stretching our minds in the initiative tests before preparing ourselves to party at the DISCO! And yes, there has been some ‘flossing’ practicing going on!

Day 4: Morning! All the children have had a hearty breakfast and are looking forward to having a go at archery before trying their hand at firefighting, ready for tonight’s camp fire.

Mud, mud, mud! Today’s activities have been all about getting down into the mud and getting mucky. The team challenge involved every group getting round an obstacle course set deep in the forest. Through tyres, under nets and across a muddy pit - and all of that had to be done without the team letting go of each other. All the children got a lot better at communicating and listening to each other very quickly!


After that we moved down to the stream edge and began our camouflage tracking activity. Then things got very sticky as the children had ten minutes to cover themselves in mud and sticks until they blended in with the trees around them. At this point we began a special game of hide and seek which was very tricky as we were all practically invisible!


We are looking forward to the campfire tonight before packing ready for leaving tomorrow. The week has flown by so quickly and it’s been amazing!

Day 5

Last day of fun! We are all packed and ready to go but first we are squeezing in some last minute activities including orienteering and climbing the mighty Jacob’s ladder. The sun is shining and the children still have lots of energy left which is impressive after such an active and busy week! Prizes for the tidiest tent have been awarded as well as a certificate for each group given by the lead instructor. We are looking forward to seeing all our families later today and sleeping in a soft bed tonight!