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Eagle class visit The Beeches

17th June 2019

Children in Eagle class spent the afternoon visiting the residents of The Beeches (a care home) in Leatherhead.  The children had a great time, singing ‘Que Sera, Sera’ and ‘Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag.’  The children sang beautifully and were asked to sing again at the end of our afternoon.  The children also shared some of the stories they have written during the year and showed them some photos, which were important to them.  Brandon said, “It was a great afternoon.  Doris told me that her four brothers all fought in the war.”

Year 5’s visit to Kew Gardens

On Wednesday, Year 5 visited Kew Gardens in Richmond, to support their learning in Art.  The children enjoyed looking at the many glass artworks, which are currently being exhibited by the artist, David Chihuly.  Chihuly’s work has been exhibited in more than 240 museums around the world, over his 50-year career.  We spent the day exploring the stunning gardens, searching out the different artworks. 


On our way around, we also experienced the ‘Treetop Walkway’, where we walked through the treetop canopy, enjoying the magical views of the garden. The children were very excited to see the arches of Wembley Stadium.


We also got to experience the Hive, a towering 17 metres tall structure. The Hive is a striking structure in the wildflower meadow that recreates life inside a beehive.  Jack in Eagle class said, “WOW! That was amazing.  I can’t believe how huge it was.”


And we did lots of walking!


It was a fantastic day and there were several sleepers on the coach on the way home!  Chihuly’s work will be the inspiration for the children’s own exhibition after half term, when the children will create their own artworks using recyclable materials. 

Alice in Wonderland at Therfield School


Last Tuesday, Year 5 were invited to see Alice and Wonderland at Therfield School - it was very good! All of the characters used a range of expressions and different facial skills very well.  I enjoyed every bit.  I especially liked Alice - she has inspired me and reminded me of the things I need to do when I play Belle in Beauty in the Beast later in the year.  For example, I need to stay in character when I'm on stage and I'm not the character talking.  I will also make sure that I use lots of different expressions when I am acting.  I loved the production at Therfield and I hope that we are invited back to watch more.


Olivia Durate

Eagle class


Year 5 visit  St John’s in Leatherhead – science afternoon

Before Easter, Osprey and Eagle class enjoyed an afternoon at St John’s school in Leatherhead, where they carried out an investigation testing the properties of different substances.  The afternoon began by discussing ‘keeping safe’ and why it’s important to wear protective clothing and goggles.  After this, we practised using a Bunsen burner and learnt the difference between a ‘roaring’ and a ‘safety’ flame.  The safety flame is when the air hole is closed and the flame is a clear orange.   A roaring flame occurs when the air hole is open and the flame is blue. It is named ‘roaring’ because the sound it makes is similar to a roar!   After we tested the equipment we were given the task to investigate the properties of potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium and copper and record what happened when we exposed them to heat.  We found out that:


Potassium: created a purple flame

Sodium: created a yellow flame

Lithium: created a red flame

Calcium: created an orange flame

Copper: created a green flame


It was a fantastic afternoon.  Sonny in Eagle class said, “I really liked using the Bunsen burners. At first it was a little scary but then it was OK.  I really liked it when the potassium turned the flame purple.”


We had a great afternoon.

Ancient Greek day

We enjoyed an Ancient Greek day, to introduce our new topic this half term. We started our day by looking at Greece and understanding were the Ancient Greeks lived. We ordered events on a timeline and learnt that the first Olympic Games was held in 776 BC. We also made olive wreaths, which were given to the winners of Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. In the afternoon we had a feast and tried many different foods. We also made Greek theatre masks, which we learnt were worn to show the character the actor was playing.

Weather Immersion

As part of our immersion afternoon for our topic 'Weather' the children were asked to work in teams to make weather stations.  These included rain gauges to measure rainfall and weather vanes to measure the direction of the wind.  The stations are going to be located around the school and each week recordings are going to be taken.

Hooke Court

"Fantastic, I loved every minute of it." was a comment from one of our year 5 pupils when they returned from their residential trip to Hooke Court.   The children were immersed in all things Roman - weaving, pottery, jewellery, and lots more!  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and made lots of memories!

Car challenge at Reeds

Children in year 5 were invited to take part in a car challenge at Reeds school.  The challenge was to make a vehicle using air pressure to launch it.  The children had lots of fun making and testing their vehicles. 

Astronaut training day

As part of our immersion day for our topic 'Space' the children took part in an astronaut training day.  They created constellation artwork, conducted experiments using magnets and created rocket balloons.  The children also took part in a boot camp exercise.