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Penguin Challenge!  (27.03.20)

Good Morning everyone! 

I've had an unusual visitor to my office this morning! I'm used to some of you children popping by to see me but this not-so little chap is much noisier than you and he keeps eating all my stickers and hopping around the desk! I'd love to see any drawings of his day at school or maybe you could write/tell someone in your family a story about what penguin gets up to today! Remember to think of the beginning of your story, a problem, how the problem is fixed and then the end. 

  I think he's going to be quite naughty and I'm trying to hide him from Mrs Gray next door but he keeps squawking loudly! 

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine laugh

Mrs Elston

Picture 1
Picture 2

Creating a schedule for home whilst school is closed

Many children both with, and without SEND needs will find the transition from learning at school to learning at home very difficult and understanding the expectations and routines can create further frustrations and anxiety both for the children and you as parents. 

One way to support your child is to use a schedule, just like the visual timetables we use at school, to help your child understand the routine and structure of the day. This does not need to be elaborate or specialist, a simple written timetable with an outline of the day will work just as well! Colour coding can be effective as well as simple drawn pictures if your child struggles with written language. Lots of children will benefit from ticking off what has been completed to support their understanding of the concept time and how many things are left to do.

The examples below show you what this could look like and are easily adaptable to suit your home and family. Older children could draw up their own timetables and really take ownership of their learning. Please send any photographs of a schedule you or your children have created so that we can share great ideas! 

Picture 1 Example of colour coded daily schedule for home
Picture 2 Example of symbol supported daily schedule
Picture 3 Example of colour coded daily schedule for home

Speech and Language Therapy letter and packs

Fine Motor Skills

While we are away from school it is important to keep our bodies as well as our minds active! Each week I will post some ideas for fine motor activities that you can do at home. I'd love to see any photographs of any activities you do. Ask your family to email them to Mrs Elston. 

Fine Motor activity ideas

Phonics Play- Free access for parents

Phonics Play- Free access for parents  1