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The Burrow

Fantastic News!

The Burrow has recently been recognised as a “Centre of Excellence” which we are all very proud of!


It has been a busy start to the term with the children getting to know their new class teachers and learn new routines.


The KS1 children who have moved up to KS2 will still attend the Burrow on a reduced timetable for a few weeks.  They are also being supported in their new classes in the morning, this is to ensure a smooth and successful transition.



We would also like to welcome Miss Long our new Learning Support Assistant who will join us in The Burrow every afternoon.


New Children

It is really important that the children get to know their new class friends, teacher and new routines before any integration into the Nurture Group starts.


Very soon parents and carers will be invited to visit the Burrow and will be able to gain further understanding of its purpose and how The Burrow can best support their children. We are looking forward to welcoming new families to the Nurture Group.

The Nurture Group (The Burrow) is a highly valued feature of Leatherhead Trinity School.  We are called a ‘Nurture Group’ because we work in a way that is very similar to a home environment. The Nurture Group is a classroom within the school. We follow the 6 Nurture Group Principles and they are the heart of everything we do.


The Six Principles of Nurture Groups

  • Children's learning is understood developmentally.

  • The room offers a safe base.

  • Nurture is important for the development of self-esteem.

  • Language is understood as a vital means of communication.

  • All behavior is communication.

  • Transitions are significant in the lives of children.

About the Nurture Group

The Burrow is a part time placement, running from 1pm – 3.10pm each day. Up to 7 children can attend from 1 – 4 terms.


The group is led by Mrs Gale and assisted by Mrs Long.


The focus is for children to be given opportunities to develop their social, emotional and relationship skills. They will also cover Science, Geography, Religious Education and Topic work as per their year group curriculum.


We are aware of each child’s individual needs when planning, delivering and assessing their progress.  During the afternoon the group will have a snack, this social time around the dining table is highly valuable as it involves, co-operating, taking turns, waiting, being last, speaking and listening to others.


Timetable of the Afternoon


1.00             Children arrive from their class or feeder school

1.05             Afternoon timetable discussed with children

1.10             1st learning activity

2.00             Snack time

2.20             2nd learning session

2.55             Targets

3.00             Story

3.10             Home time – children are collected from The Burrow



It is important that the children remain part of their mainstream class, they will take part in any outings and any other special class activities.

Working with us

We recognise the importance of involving the parents/carers of children who are part of the Burrow and we invite them to play a proactive and engaging role whilst their child remains in the group.  Our aim is to keep parents and carers fully informed of their child’s progress and provide them with support and advice to ensure consistency between school and home.