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School Events Gallery 2016-2017

Fairtrade Day February 2017


As part of our global education work, all classes have been learning about Fairtrade. This started with an assembly when, through the story The World Came to My Place Today, the children discovered how we are connected to, and reliant on, so many other countries for everyday goods. The aims of the day were to:

  • understand that we are interconnected through trade

  • understand that our actions can have an impact on others

  • understand what we can do as individuals to improve the life of others

In Reception the children watched a film about where bananas come from. They looked at the Fairtrade symbol on the bananas.

The children in Year 1 and 2 did some fantastic maths based on the price of fruit and other food items. Year 2 also found out about sugar farmers in Africa in literacy and made some fruit kebabs. Tesco very kindly donated the fruit for this activity.

KS2 found out about Fairtrade bananas. Some classes carried out a simulation game, with different groups assuming the role of banana workers, plantation owners, shippers, importers and then supermarkets in the UK. This activity sparked lots of discussion about what is or is not fair when the children saw how little the banana growers receive of the price of a banana.

All KS2 classes then got to work on the Snack Attack Challenge. This is a national competition which requires the children to invent a new Fairtrade snack and design its packaging and promotional campaign. The children in Year 3 tasted some existing snacks and were surprised at how few Fairtrade versions there are in our supermarkets. The children had to work well in a group for this challenge and use creative and presentation skills. By the end of the day, the best snack for each KS2 year group was decided. The overall winner was chosen in a speacial Dragons’ Den assembly after half term and this will be our school’s entry for the national competition. We hope the children enjoyed the fun activities about a very serious matter.

Leatherhead Trinity School has recently become an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Programme. We believe it is important to help our pupils to make sense of the world around them in order to best prepare them for the future.

Fairtrade Day

Japanese Visit


On Tuesday 24th January we had a visit from the Chiba Prefecture in Japan. The three teachers were in the UK for one week to learn from our schools in the UK. They have a particular interest in Global Learning, which does not yet exist in Japan, and wanted to see what we do here at Leatherhead Trinity School. We have recently become an Expert Centre for the Global Learning Program.The Japanese government, in preparation for the Olympic Games, is encouraging schools to include this in their curriculum. Our Head Boy and Head Girl gave them a tour of the school, talking them through our values, routines and structures as they did so. We visited some classrooms and our visitors then watched a Year 2 French lesson. They were very impressed with our school and left with lots of ideas.

Picture 1

A visit from India


We were absolutely delighted to receive the Rev. Jeyapaul and his son Charles from the Kathryn’s Mercy Home Trust in Devakottai, in the Tamil Nadu Province of India, into our school on Tuesday 1st November. The Rev. Jeyapaul started the trust 16 years ago to house girls from the local villages and provide an education for them and local boys too. There are currently 285 children in the school and 109 girls in the hostel. One of these girls is Asha, who Leatherhead Trinity School has helped to support for many years. She is now 13 years old and doing well at school. After a quick tour of the school, our visitors spent some time in Oak Class and Badger Class. They showed lots of photos of the school and hostel and our pupils learnt what life was like for the children there. They had lots of questions! They also learnt a few words of Tamil and clapped as our visitors shared a favourite song with them. We had lovely time with our visitors and will look forward to their next visit in four years.

No Pens Day Wednesday

October 2016 


On Wednesday 5th October we held a ‘No Pens Day’. Our focus was on supporting children to develop their communication and language skills which will further support their writing. This was also an opportunity for children to explore different ways of learning new skills.


Here are just some of the exciting activities that have been taking place across the school.


In Nursery and Reception we used magnetic letters to practise our sounds. We used flour and glitter to write different letters and numbers. We also learnt some new songs.


In Year 1 we were learning about counting on and we used stampers to record our answers. We played maths games and phonics games. We also used pastels to design some party invites as part of our literacy learning.


In Year 2 we played addition and subtraction board games. We performed poems we had been writing and videoed these on the flipcams to watch back. In ICT we learnt about coding.


In Year 3 we had a maths treasure hunt outside, solving clues and finding the answers. We are learning about the Vikings so we acted out a famous Viking battle. 


In Year 4 we used No Pens day to practise subtracting with money. We set up our own café and used money to buy the items and then give the correct change by finding the difference. For literacy we have been writing performance poems based on the book ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.’ As we had just finished writing our poems, for No Pens day we decided to perform our poems.


In Year 5 we recapped on the properties of 2D shapes and tried to make them using Chinese tangrams. This activity was more challenging than we first believed so we had to show perseverance, resilience, resourcefulness and reciprocity. As our topic has been ‘The Romans, we learnt a poem about Boudicca. We split into six different groups and each group practised performing two verses from the poem.


In Year 6 we imagined what might happen next in our World War 2 story ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and acted out the next scene in groups. We enjoyed using real artefacts from the time as props. In maths we solved some really tricky puzzles and talked about how we had solved them. In the afternoon we created our own Anderson shelters. 

European Day of Languages

September 2016


Leatherhead Trinity School celebrated European Day of Languages on Friday 30th September. We have had various themes over the years but we decided on an art focus for 2016. Each year group was given a different European artist to study. The pupils had to complete a fact file on his country of origin, find out some words in his language and look at his work and style of painting. This culminated in all our pupils producing a piece of art work in the style of their chosen artist. We have mounted an exhibition of this work in the Spiritual Area which reflects a wide range of artistic talent across Europe and in our school.


The following artists were chosen: 

Nursery - Matisse (France)

Reception - Van Gogh (Holland)

Year 1 - Klee (Switzerland)

Year 2 - Picasso (Spain)

Year 3 - Klimt (Austria)

Year 4 - Kandinsky (Russia)

Year 5 - Hockney (UK)

Year 6 - Munch (Norway)


We will be sharing our work with two French schools and a school in the Czech Republic as part of our eTwinning projects for this year. We hope they will be impressed by our efforts and we look forward to receiving their art work soon.

European Day of Languages 2016

Year 6 Dictionaries presented by Leatherhead Rotary Club

September 2016

We would like to say a huge thank you to Leatherhead Rotary Club for their extremely generous donation of dictionaries for each of our Year 6 pupils. Year 6 were delighted to receive their dictionaries and will be able to use them to support their learning.

Deepdene Trail- Children Create a Dream Garden

September 2016

Children from schools across the district were invited to design their own dream garden inspired by the extensive works taking place on the Deepdene Estate, Dorking to restore the gardens.  Leatherhead Trinity School was awarded a special prize for sending in the most entrants. James (Oak Class) represented the school at the Grand Open Day of the trail to receive our prize.  The new free to enter walking trail is just a 15 minutes stroll from Dorking’s town centre.