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School Events Gallery 2015-2016

Year 6 End of Year Assembly

July 2016

Year 6 have worked extremely hard over the last couple of weeks on their end of year assembly.  'Leatherhead Trinity’s Got Talent' was a huge success and there were a few tears shed!  Well done to all the children who performed brilliantly – we are very proud of them!  Also, special thanks to all adults who helped make it happen.

District Sports

July 2016

The pupils really enjoyed competing against children from other local schools in this year's District Sports. The children cheered each other on and showed real sportsmanship. One of the organisers pointed out how well behaved our pupils were before, during and after their races. We would like to thank all of the parents, carers and teachers for their support as without it we would not have been able to compete in the competition.

Glee perform 'We will rock you'

July 2016

Glee Club performed our show ‘We will rock you’ to full a house! The children worked incredibly hard preparing for our show and had to learn lots of lines. The songs were really difficult to learn but we loved singing them each week. We were so proud of the children’s confidence when they stood up on stage to dance, act and sing in front of a large audience. The soloists were wonderful and performed fantastically. Well done Glee Club!

Send My Friend to School Day

July 2016

On 1st July our local MP, Sir Paul Beresford, came into school to receive the rucksacks we had made. The assembly was led by a group of Year 6 pupils who are keen to speak out for others. They spoke about Malala Yousafzai and how she was an inspiration to the rest of us. They asked Sir Paul about the government's commitment to ensuring the Global Goal, of providing a primary education for all children, is met by 2030. He assured us that the government would do all it could to ensure that this goal is met. He stressed that there is no easy solution and that we needed to work for world peace if we are ever going to change the situation.


Instead of taking our rucksacks away, Sir Paul explained that he was going to arrange for some pupils to go to London to meet Justine Greening, who is in charge of the Department for International Development. We will be able to see the House of Commons and deliver the rucksacks personally.

Santander visit Year 6

July 2016

Staff from Santander visited Year 6 and in the session discussed the importance of savings and banks. The children had a series of activities to complete as well, which were rewarded with gifts and prizes. Everyone in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and we want to say thanks to Santander for discussing such an important subject!

Healthy Living Week

July 2016

At the end of the Summer term we enjoyed Healthy Living Week.  During this week we focused on how to live Healthily.  We investigated how to make sure we eat well, how to keep ourselves physically active and how to look after our own and our friends' emotions and minds.


​Each year group enjoyed a series of activities including learning about how to make a balanced dish, swapping sugar for healthy alternatives, making fruit smoothies to making bouquets of calming lavender as a gift for each class.  Below is a gallery of some of the activities we enjoyed.

Rounders Tournament

July 2016 

A team of us went to play in a Rounders tournament against other local schools.  We played well, encouraging each other to do our best. We showed great sportsmanship and beat the ‘Barbarians.’ This was the best part of the afternoon. We really enjoyed playing in the tournament and thank you to Miss Pearson and Mrs Winteridge for taking us.  (Nadia, Hawk Class)

The Development of our Pond Area   

Spring and Summer 2016

This year we decided to develop our pond area, to help support the teaching and learning of science.  We did this with the help of parents, carers, staff, Leatherhead Youth Project, Cobham Moto and Exxon Mobil.


Phase one - clearing the area

A team of staff and parents helped clear the pond, cutting back the brambles that had grown during last year's building work.  It was a fantastic team effort; even a small amount of rain and a dusting of snow didn’t deter the team from the job in hand.  The team managed to clear the pond, the path that surrounds the pond, and the wider area. 




Phase two - adding the woodchip

During half term a group of volunteers from the Leatherhead Youth Project continued work on the development of the pond area. They worked incredibly hard; cutting back more overgrown trees and plants, removing weeds, laying weed suppressant and finally covering the area with wood chip! All the volunteers did an amazing job. 



Phase three - adding resources

Cobham Moto and Exxon Mobil, very kindly donated money to fund equipment for our pond area. With this money we were able to buy: a storage box, fishing nets, pond kits (plastic spoons, saucers, magnifying glasses and containers) and yellow trays.  We were also to purchase some wooden tables, so children can work in the area.




This was a great team effort and it couldn’t have been achieved without the help of parents, carers, staff, Leatherhead Youth Project, Cobham Moto and Exxon Mobil. Thank you!

Sports Day

June 2016

The children in KS1 and KS2 really enjoyed taking part in sports day. Children took part in a number of competitive races for their house teams, as well as taking part in a carousel of activities. These activities included egg and spoon races, space hopper relays, hurdles, shotput and many more. The children were great at cheering their team mates on and showed excellent teamwork, resilience and persistence throughout the event. Congratulations to everyone who took part and to the winning teams:

  • KS1 winners – Unicorn
  • KS2 winners - Dragon

Thank you very much to all of the parents who braved the rain to cheer the children on and to the staff for organising the day.

Visit to The Children’s Trust

June 2016

Two representatives from Unicorn House were invited to attend a School’s Recognition Day at The Children’s Trust in Tadworth. We watched a presentation about The Children’s Trust and learnt about the work they undertake and the importance of our fundraising. We had the opportunity to visit a classroom and join in a parachute game with the children. The children really enjoyed the bright colours and sounds. When touring the grounds, we also saw the sensory garden, hydrotherapy centre and their amazing treehouse. We really enjoyed the afternoon and received a certificate to say thank you for our fundraising. Maisy and Imogen were great representatives for the school and enjoyed the afternoon (as well as the cakes and drinks!)

Royal Horticultural Society Gardening Award

June 2016

The school received the level one Royal Horticultural Society Gardening Award. This is in recognition of the work that has been carried out by Mrs Chouls and her team, to develop a site ready to garden in September. Alongside this, the Gardening Club, which has been run by Mr Chouls has seen the children growing plants from seed, then planting and caring for them. We hope that we will shortly be able to apply for the next level award.

Be Bright, Be Seen like the Queen! - Sustrans

June 2016

Pupils across the school participated in a bike and scooter decorating competition to raise awareness of the ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ campaign and to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. We were delighted to be joined on the judging panel by Keith Reed, who works for Sustrans (the sustainable transport charity who promote travelling by foot, bike or public transport). There were some tough decisions to be made as there could only be one winner in each year group!

Maths Enterprise Week

June 2016

The children have taken part in a wide range of activities to support their mathematical learning during Maths Enterprise Week.


The children have had a fantastic time with The Happy Puzzle Company. They worked in teams to solve some tricky puzzles. It gave them the opportunity to test out their skills in areas that are important in the world of business: resilience, team work, problem solving and perseverance. We are very grateful to the Friends of Leatherhead Trinity for providing the funding for this.


All the Year groups planned an enterprise project and we held our own version of “The Dragon’s Den!” The children presented very confidently despite being faced by four rather scary dragons (Mrs Scarlett, Mrs Lovitt, Miss Gammons and Mrs Deacon)!


  • Reception made bread rolls to sell to their parents. The children talked about how much they would want to sell them for and enjoyed taking and counting the money. 

  • Year 1 visited local businesses to carry out some market research.  The children are making personalised frames to sell at the Summer Fair and they wanted to investigate how much these companies sell them for, to help them price their products. They looked at the displays in shops to get some ideas about how they can lay out their stall at the Summer Fair.

  • Year 2 made up a fantastic song about the clown biscuits and cupcakes they are planning to make. They worked out how much money they will spend and what they will make from their business.

  • Year 3 decided that they should make circus themed cakes and biscuits for their enterprise stall. Throughout the week, they have been working out the cost of making their product and discussing profit. They set up the classroom as a mini summer fair and practised running their own stalls- using mental methods to add up totals and give change. Next week they will be visiting Leatherhead Theatre to learn about how a local business works.

  • Year 4 carried out some market research before deciding on what they were going to make as part of Enterprise Week. The chosen ideas were a 'clown shoot out' and “Ping Goes Pong.” They have been busy working out what they would need to spend and what they would need to break even and make a profit. Look out for their stall at the Summer Fair!

  • Year 5 visited Sainsbury’s to find out how a large business is run. They looked behind the scenes and were amazed at how many people are involved in the running of the business. Sainsbury’s kindly donated some fruit juice which Year 5 is using to create fruit drinks to sell. They have created different recipes to find out which will be the tastiest, calculated their estimated profit and worked out their marketing strategy!

  • Year 6 loved their Enterprise week and decided to focus fund raising on their Harry Potter trip. They created products and games, estimated profit and pitched to Miss Gammons. They raised about £350 at their sale at Sports Day.

Space Day - a journey into space.....

June 2016

All children across the school took part in Space Day.  All the activities and learning on this day were focused on the theme - a journey into space......................


  • Children in Reception pretended that the glitter in the tray on the light box was ‘rocket fuel.’ They enjoyed making marks with their fingers and also using the teaspoons to gather the glitter and fill the lidded jars. Great fine motor work! The children also enjoyed using torches to find space words and pictures on the walls in a darkened area of the classroom.  
  • In  Year 1 children made space rockets.  They designed their own rockets and used straws as the launchers.  They discovered that the harder you blow, the higher the rocket will fly. 
  • Children in Year 2 made space pictures using 2D shapes. 
  • In Year 3 children made and tested parachutes to see which fell fastest.  They learnt about gravity and air resistance.
  • Year 4 created their own alien creatures and wrote character descriptions of them.  Before the children wrote their descriptions they used their drawings to help them plan what they were going to write. The children really enjoyed imagining their alien creature and drawing it before writing their descriptions!
  • In Year 5 children made balloon rockets.  They attached a straw to a balloon and weaved string through the middle of the straw. When they let the balloon go, the air propelled the balloon across the string! They then looked at what they could change about the experiment and predicted what would happen when they changed it. They had to make sure the experiment was a fair test! After testing their balloon rockets outside, they recorded the results and wrote a conclusion. 
  • Children in Year 6 took part in a fantastic Lego workshop using Lego Mindstorms.  The children had to build a Lego robot and then create codes to download onto the robot for it to move. 


Children also enjoyed a space themed lunch.  On the menu was ‘Meteor Meatballs’, ‘Rocket Rice,’ ‘Planet Pizza’ and ‘Shooting Star Shortbread!’  The children had a very busy and enjoyable day! 

Tennis tournament

June 2016

Emily, James, Evie and Ziggy took part in a tennis tournament against other local schools. All four of the pupils showed respect to their opponents in each game. The pupils shook hands before and after each game and congratulated whoever won the game. Emily competed in a semi-final game and the other three pupils supported her.  All the children showed great maturely during the tournament - they were true ambassadors for our school.

Visit from Mardi Brass

June 2016

The children have enjoyed their first concert organised by the Leatherhead Concert and Arts Society. Mardi Brass told us the ‘Story of Brass’ including descriptions of the trumpet, horn, tuba and trombone. A variety of music was enjoyed by the children including, ‘Jupiter from the planets’ by Holst and The Acrobat. The children were totally absorbed by the wonderful experience.


This event is hopefully the first of many. Leatherhead legal firm, Julie West Solicitor, have kindly agreed to sponsor the Leatherhead Concert and Arts Society/Leatherhead Trinity School Project. A former pupil of Poplar Road School kindly donated and Patricia Morgan Optician is a regular donor. We are very grateful for their support.

Year 1 - Visit from Leatherhead Cricket Club

June 2016

Year 1 were very lucky to have a cricket taster session run by Ken Rose from Leatherhead Cricket Club.  We practised various skills to help our batting and bowling abilities to develop.  We loved trying to hit the stumps with the ball and got very excited when we managed it.  Some of us have very good hand eye coordination and were managing to hit the ball in a perfectly straight line.  Thank you very much to Leatherhead Cricket Club for giving us such a fun afternoon.

Year 3 and Year 4 Tri-Gold Tournament

June 2016

A group of Year 3 and Year 4 children were invited to attend a Tri-Golf Tournament at Pachesham Golf Centre. They were joined by other local schools. During the afternoon the children worked in teams of 5 or 6 and experienced 8 different activities. Each activity focused on different golf skills. After a practise round at each station, the teams participated in a golfing tournament. The children received scores for their golfing skills and their life skills (e.g. honesty, teamwork, encouragement, following rules). All of the children enjoyed the afternoon and were fantastic representatives for the school.

Taekwondo Taster Session – Year 1

May 2016

Year 1 were given a Taekwondo taster session and thoroughly enjoyed learning all about this Korean martial art, which aims to give children physical fitness, mental strength, self-confidence and self-esteem.  They also learnt how to count to 5 in Korean.  Daisy in Hedgehog class said, “ I really enjoyed learning about Taekwondo.  The jumping was really good fun!”


Thank you to Mark from Predator Taekwondo in Leatherhead who ran the session.

Bikeability - Year 5

May 2016



During 'Bikeability' the children had the opportunity to learn more about how to ride bikes safely and correctly. First they were shown how to check their bikes with the ABCD  system:


  • A is for air (tyres)
  • B is for brakes 
  • C is for chain
  • D is for direction (steering).  


They learnt how to signal in the right way and look over their shoulder so that they wouldn’t crash into people.  They showed us how to use gears and switching between high and low, how to steer between cones and how to ride safely when the road is busy. The children now feel safer riding their bikes and know how to take care of them.

KS2 Choir at the Surrey Primary Music Festivals

May 2016

Following 6 weeks of very tricky choir practices, learning harmonies and 4 parts, KS2 choir performed ‘The King with Cold Feet’ at the Surrey Primary Music Festival at Dorking Halls.  Along with 350 young singers from local schools the children sang with enthusiasm and huge smiles on their faces, even though they were concentrating really hard on singing their particular part and not that of their neighbour.  Well done! 

Community challenge - Leatherhead Scouts

May 2016

Leatherhead Scouts, who are working towards their World badge, took on a community challenge to help transform an area in the school grounds.  They cleared the area next to the pond, laid weed suppressant, built raised beds and finally wood barked the area. The ten scouts worked hard to make a very positive change. The soil has now been ordered and it is hoped that shortly after half term classes will be able to plant their year groups raised bed. A massive thank you to all those who helped with this project.  

Take One Picture

May 2016

The whole school took part in 'Take One Picture' and used the famous painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Paul Rubens to inspire their learning.  In Year 1 children created clay elephants, in Year 4 they practised their sketching skills through drawing and shading elephants and in Year 6 the children  used batik to create Indian inspired patterns. Overall, the work produced has been fantastic!

Year 3 and 4 Performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

May 2016 

Year 3 and 4 have worked extremely hard to produce our performance of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. They have enjoyed learning about this as part of their Literacy learning by writing their own play scripts. They have also been hard at work making costumes and props. The children were amazing at learning their lines and performed with confidence and enthusiasm. Thank you for your hard work with their costumes, helping them to learn their lines, and coming to watch the performance.

Year 5 and 6 cricket tournament

May 2016

Children from Year 5 and 6 took part in a cricket tournament.  The cricket was busy with all the other schools competing.  The pitch was HUGE! Our team tried our best and we all had fun.  We might not have won all matches, but we would do it again in a heartbeat.  (Ethan, Owl class)

Visit from Moto Cobham

April 2016

David Prince from Moto Cobham very kindly came into school  to present us with a selection of Guided Reading books. A group of children from Oak Class enjoyed looking at the books and are looking forward to reading them.  We would like to say a huge thank you to Moto Cobham for providing us with these great resources.

Book Week

March 2016

The children had a fantastic week celebrating Book Week. When they first came into school on Monday, there were lots of items of superhero clothing left around the school! The children looked at photos in assembly then every class completed some writing about the event. Some classes wrote poems, some wrote newspaper reports, some wrote diaries and there were many other genres of writing too! During the week every class has been focusing on a particular story. Children have then been creating their own book based on this story. For example the Year 2 classes have been making fantastic rocket shaped books because they are learning about, ‘The Man on the Moon’. In Year 3 children had a Mad Hatter’s tea party at the start of the week because their story in class is ‘Alice in Wonderland’.   We also had a visit from the author, Jennifer Gray, who came in to talk to us about her books. We heard about the fantastic books she has written including ‘Chicken Mission’ and ‘Atticus Claw’. We heard about how she creates her characters and even acted out parts of the stories! The children also dressed up as a book character. There were so many fantastic costumes!

Easter Pause Day

March 2016

As part of ‘Easter Pause Day’ the children spent time learning the Easter story and reflecting on what happened. Children particularly enjoyed visiting the interactive displays around the school and recording their thoughts. Other activities have included making and decorating crosses, Easter bracelets and stained glass windows.

A visit from Dental Elements

March 2016

Sarah and Jackie from Dental Elements in Leatherhead came into school to talk about how important it is to look after our teeth.  They showed us how to brush our teeth in circular motions, remembering to move our tongue to the side so we can get to those awkward places. Brushing should happen twice a day for two minutes each time, as this will help keep teeth healthy.   Sarah and Jackie also talked about sugar content in drinks. Tom in Hedgehog Class said, “I can’t believe that a milkshake has 27 and a half sugar cubes – that’s a lot!”  They recommended the best drinks to have are either milk or water.  They also suggested that when we have treats – sweets or chocolate, try and have these at mealtimes as this reduces the impact of the sugar reacting with bacteria.

“Greece Goes To Pieces”- Year 5's performance

March 2016

Year 5 gave two brilliant performances of the musical “Greece Goes To Pieces”  to the rest of the school and to their families. Over the last few weeks they have worked extremely hard learning lines, perfecting the songs, making props, scenery and costumes.  The show was fantastic and we are really proud of all the children. Well done Year 5! We also managed to raise an amazing £77.16 for the Children’s Trust through donations made at the show. Thank you to everyone who kindly donated.

First Aid Training - St John Ambulance Service

March 2016

Year 3 and Year 5 had first aid training from St John Ambulance Service. The children were taught how to respond to first aid situations, put someone in the recovery position and also apply a number of different bandages. The children really enjoyed practising the different bandaging methods and were very excited to take their bandages home to practise even more! Thank you very much to EXXON MOBIL for funding this.

Year 2 Mole Valley Arts Festival

March 2016

The Year 2 Children took part in The Mole Valley Arts Festival at West Ashtead School.  They met with other Year 2 children from St Peters, West Ashtead, St Giles and The Greville. Each school performed their own item and also joined in with some communal singing. The theme for this Year was Keeping Healthy. The children from Leatherhead Trinity performed brilliantly and were a credit to us.

Year 5 trip to St John’s School

March 2016

Year 5 were given the wonderful opportunity of experiencing art master classes at St John’s school. The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon which involved exploring positive and negative images.  Thank you to St John’s School for inviting us along.

Tag Rugby Festival

March 2016

A team of Year 5 and Year 6's went to St Peters for a mini tag rugby festival.  We played well and showed some great technique.  Everyone had a great time and even though we didn't make it past the qualifying group, we showed a fantastic team spirit. Well done!

Safer Internet Day

February 2016

This year’s theme for 'Safer Internet Day' was ‘Play your part for a better Internet!’  Throughout the week each year group completed activities focusing on staying safe on the Internet.  Year 1 learnt an online safety song and created a video.

Reading Zone Event

February 2016

Reception and KS1 children met the author, Yuval Zommer, who shared his picture book, ‘The Big Blue Thing on the Hill’, with the children. He talked to the children about how long it takes to write a book as well as what inspires him to write. He also showed the children a video of his story with clay characters! Lara Williamson, author of “A Boy Called Hope” and “The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair”,visited Years 4, 5 and 6 and some children from The Dawnay School and many, many more children all around the country, as the talk was streamed live via the Internet. She read the children some extracts from her diary as a child to encourage children to write. She also passed a ball around the hall, asking children to share their wishes when they caught the ball. She then suggested children use these wishes as ways to inspire their writing. The children were very enthusiastic and many left saying they were going home to start their own books It was a fantastic event.

Year 5 Maths in Action Day at the Races

February 2016

At Kempton Park we had lots of fun and we learnt a lot such as: jockeys are weighed in stones and pounds. First we went to the jockeys weighing room and had to estimate what our weight was , then we went onto the scale and found out our exact weight in stones and pounds. We had to convert this into kilograms.   Oliver was the closest to guessing his weight.  We learnt what the jockeys have to wear and how heavy they have to be to race. We estimated how many metres it was round the parade ring. Then we went round with a trundle wheel and found it was about 150 metres. We calculated how many horses would fit safely into the ring. Finally we watched the awesome races that were mind blowing. Sadly in the third race 3 jockeys fell off the horses at the jumps and could not continue the race. However, we still had an amazing time at Kempton Park!! 

Year 1 Phonics workshop

February 2016

The children in Year 1 were very excited to have special visitors in their phonics lessons.  Parents had the opportunity to come in to school to watch their child’s learning.  The children thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their fantastic skills.  Rojat in Hedgehog Class said that he really liked having his mummy and his sister watching his learning - although his sister slept through it all!

Reverend Graham Visits Year 4

February 2016

As part of our current RE topic, ‘How is the Christian Faith Expressed Through Worship?’  Year 4 were fortunate enough to have Reverend Graham come into give us a short talk. He explained what worship is, what is used when Christians worship and why worship is important to Christians.  Reverend Graham particularly spoke about the importance of Holy Communion, as this is something that we will be exploring further in our RE lessons through producing artwork which could help a Christian focus on the symbolism of the sacrament. We would like to thank Reverend Graham for coming in to help us with our learning.

Spelling Bee Competition

February 2016

The children in KS2 were very excited to take part in the 'Spelling Bee' competition. Children who wanted to take part did the first round of the competition at lunch time. Following this we chose the two winners from each year group to go head to head against each other in a whole school assembly. The children were very brave competing in front of the whole school and their spelling was fantastic! We gave them some very tricky spellings including possession, occasionally and predominant!

Year 5 eTwinning project  

February 2016          

As our Year 5 pupils have been studying Europe this half term, we have embarked upon our first eTwinning project to make contact with some schools from various European countries. We sent 18 envelopes containing 3 postcards of Leatherhead, Surrey and London to schools in 12 different European countries – France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania and the same to 2 other English schools in Sunderland and Birmingham. 


We have received cards from all of the school in the project! The children have enjoyed looking at the pictures and reading what the children from these countries have written. It has been a very worthwhile experience and we will definitely embark on more eTwinning projects in the future!

Year 5 Geography Morning at Therfield School

February 2016

At Therfield, Year 5 took part in 4 different activities related to our topic Europe, which included: labelling mountains, writing a paragraph about where we might like to visit, a quiz about which country the flags or landmarks come from and  finally using wool to mark the rivers on a map.  It was really exciting. The six formers and some of the Year 9 pupils came to help us with the different activities. On each activity there was a capital city as the name, they included: London, Warsaw, Rome and Madrid! We had a great day and we would like to say a big thanks to the people who helped us at Therfield. I can’t wait to go back for another fun day! Sacha, Monte, Evan and Tyler (Osprey Class).

Staff Inset Day – First Aid Training

January 2016

At Leatherhead Trinity, the safety of our children and adults is of highest importance and part of ensuring this includes the training of all staff to be first aiders.  Whilst the office staff deal with the majority of first aid on a daily basis, we invest in training to enable any member of staff to deal with a first aid emergency should it arise.  On our INSET Day, the whole school staff team (80 members of staff) participated in a day of first aid training led by St John Ambulance.  This training has taken place since Leatherhead Trinity started and is updated every three years.  We would like to thank the team from St John’s Ambulance for delivering such high quality training and equipping us with the skills needed to administer first aid.

KS2 choir attend Young Voices Concert

January 2016

Over 7,000 very excited children met up at the O2 Arena in London to take part in the 'Young Voices Concert!' An afternoon filled with fun, singing, dancing, rehearsing and a little screaming!!  Before the concert started, we spent quite a long time trying to spot parents in the audience only to realise the giant speakers were in the way, we waved anyway.  The children performed with passion and energy (as did the teachers) and thoroughly enjoyed themselves,  “best day ever…” said Emily.  Needless to say, the coach journey home was very, very quiet.  Looking forward to next year…

Road Safety Workshop - Year 1 and Reception

January 2016

Year 1 and Reception took part in a Road Safety Workshop.  Our time was very interactive where we pretended to be drivers and pedestrians.  We learnt that as pedestrians we must STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK when we are crossing roads. We thoroughly enjoyed our time and demonstrated that we could follow the STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK rules.  We were all given certificates which we were very proud of and reflective arm bands to help keep us safe when we are out in the dark. 

Year 4 and Year 6 Energy Saving Workshop Run by Exxon Mobil

January 2016

Year 4 and Year 6 participated in workshops which focused on the importance of energy that we use. The workshops were led by Sandy, a representative from Exxon Mobil.  The children enjoyed a variety of different activities, these included:

  • identifying objects both at home and school which need electricity to function
  • pretending to be different objects that run on electricity, becoming an orchestra made up of electrical appliances
  • spotting the difference between a house which was eco-friendly and one that was not
  • playing a game of snakes and ladders that involved children thinking about the importance of saving energy

After the event, Lorne (Year 4) commented that he had, “Really enjoyed learning about how to save energy and why it is important to not waste it”.  We would like to express our thanks to Sandy, from Exxon Mobil, for coming in and running the workshops for us. 

Visit from Pupils at The Yehudi Menhuin School

December 2015

The whole school was treated to a series of concerts performed by pupils at The Yehudi Menhuin School. We listened to them playing the violin, cello, guitar and piano and learned about how the instruments are made and make sounds. The children were clearly impressed with the standard of their playing and later had the opportunity to ask some questions. Responses from our children included ‘ I was surprised how brilliant they were – they start practising at 8.00am every morning.’ ‘I enjoyed listening to the cello because I loved the sound it made.’ ‘It was interesting listening to Nathan tell us about how the instruments were made.’

Football tournament

December 2015

10 of our boys went to play in a mini football festival at St. Peters.  They competed against The Greville, St. Peters and West Ashtead.  They played fantastically as a team, passing and encouraging everyone on.  Well done boys!

Nursery Nativity 

December 2015

A huge congratulations to the Nursery and Day Care children for working so hard for our Nativity this year.  All of their adults are very proud of the way they learnt the words and actions to the songs.  The hall was packed for the show and full of Christmas cheer. The children were very brave and sang their little hearts out. 

Carol Concert

December 2015

A huge thank you to KS1 and KS2 choirs who sang so beautifully at the Carol Concert and helped everyone to get into the Christmas spirit.  It was good to see so many parents supporting us. Thank you to FOLT for organising the refreshments. It was great to see that so many staff could also perform with the children.

Nativity in the Town Centre

December 2015

Both KS1 and KS2 choirs took part in the Nativity in the centre of Leatherhead.   With a series of readings, and a selection of different carols, the choirs told the Christmas story beautifully, with a small tableau of the nativity scene created by members of the KS1 choir.   We all felt very proud the way the children performed to a large crowd.  Even when the music faltered, the children kept going – true professionals!   Thank you to all those staff who helped at this event.  Thank you also to all those parents and friends who came to watch us, we really appreciated your support.

Staff Pantomime - Sleeping Beauty

December 2015

The children across the school were treated to a special performance of 'Sleeping Beauty' by members of staff.  It was a spectacular performance with lots of great singing and dancing.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance (even if the singing was a little out of tune at times!)


KS1 Christmas Performance

December 2015

Year 1 and Year 2 gave two brilliant performances of Hey Ewe to their families. Over the past few weeks all of the children have been dedicated and have learnt their lines, perfected their acting and practised their singing and dancing. The hall was full of Christmas cheer and the children helped get everyone in a festive mood. The show was fantastic and we are very proud of all of the children.

The Mayor’s Christmas Carol Concert

December 2015

The choir went and sang at the Dorking Halls for The Mayor’s Christmas Carol Concert. Well done to everyone who took part.

Arts Week

December 2015

The theme this year for Arts week was ‘Fire and Ice’.  We hoped that this theme would open itself for plenty of contrast and comparison within the children’s work.  We were off timetable for this week and it was devoted to all things ‘arts’ – art, sculpture, dance, music, drama, poetry whilst still ensuring cross curricular links to English and Maths. 


We began the week with an assembly introducing the children to the theme by producing a collaborative piece of art and having a rousing rendition of ‘Let it Go.’  The week was to be as free and creative as possible but staff an children were given a few criteria…  we asked that children produced a piece of art, something that could be performed - dance, song, drama or poetry and Christmas decorations to be sold at the Christmas fair.


We rounded off the week with an open invitation to parents to visit their child’s class to view the work that had been undertaken.


The children in Year 2 created winter paintings for the Fire and Ice topic using contrasting colours in their work,  They used salt to create the snow effect and cling film to create the ice

Reception Christmas Performance

December 2015

Ladybird and Bumblebee class performed their nativity play "The Little Blue Star". Everyone said their words fantastically, sang the songs beautifully and we were really impressed with the whole show! We hope you are as proud of the children as we are.

Inter house Hockey Tournament

December 2015

Children across the school took part in an inter-house hockey tournament.   All children played well and enjoyed the event run over three days.  The results are now in and the winning house was Dragons, closely followed by Unicorns.  Well done to all competitors and particularly to Dragon House.  

Year 1 visit Leatherhead Library

November 2015

Year 1 really enjoyed their visit to Leatherhead Library.  The children listened to a talk about the library – how to join and the different membership cards available. The children also got to explore the children’s area of the library and were shown how you take books out.   Caroline, one of the ladies who works at the library, read a story and the children all got a sticker to say they had visited the library.

Year 6 visit PGL

November 2015

Year 6 went on a residential to PGL in Liddington and all children and staff had a fantastic experience.  The activities were great fun and everyone pushed themselves to the limits and came away with a real sense of achievement.  It was great to see every single child supporting each other and working as a team. Well done Year 6!  We would like to say a huge thank you to the members of staff who gave up their time to accompany the children on their visit.

Space Dome Visit Year 3 and 5

November 2015

Year 3 and 5 were visited by the Science Dome. As they entered the dome the children were transported into space to learn lots of new and exciting things about their topics of ‘Space’ and ‘Light’. The children thoroughly enjoyed their 360 degree experience…which was made quite apparent from the chorus of “oos” and “wows” from the children.

The Maya came to Year 4

November 2015

Children in Year 4 had the opportunity of taking part in a Mayan workshop run by Freshwater Theatre.   They were led through a series of drama activities which gave them a real insight into the lives of the Maya people, and even visited one of their cities.   The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learnt a lot about the Maya people.

Year 5 Trip to Hooke Court

October 2015

“Year 5 had a fantastic trip to Hooke Court this week. We have experienced life as a Roman: learning to march, making onegar catapults, cooking…how delicious! One of the best things was the Roman Boot Camp. We had to do some great teamwork activities. It really was fun.” Monte (Osprey)


“I loved Hooke Court because you got to try out lots of fun experiences. It was the best time ever. Dressing up as a Roman was awesome.”  Faye (Osprey)


“I loved Hooke Court because we were having fun and practising to be a Roman soldier and making Roman food.” Lucy (Osprey)

Skipping Workshop

October 2015

Children (and staff) in Reception to Year 6 took part in a skipping workshop  – funded by our Sports and PE Funding grant.  We learnt a variety of new skills, how to work together and how to work independently.  Some of us had never skipped before, so it was a new learning journey for us!! It was great fun and we had an amazing time.

Harvest Festival

October 2015

Rev Graham Osborne came in to lead our Harvest Festival assembly and talked about all the things that we harvest, including lots of different fruits and vegetables.   We would like to say thank you for your generous gifts which made a fabulous display and which will be collected today by Epsom and Ewell Foodbank for distribution to families in need in the local community. 

No Pens Day

October 2015

Children across the school really enjoyed taking part in ‘No Pens Day’. Our focus was on supporting children to develop their communication and language skills which will further support their writing. This was also an opportunity for children to explore different ways of learning new skills.  In Year 3 children re-enacted Viking invasions and also went on an outdoor maths treasure hunt! In Rainbow Wood, children did a practical maths lesson counting out money to pay for items in a shop and then jumping back on a large number line to find the answer. In Year 2 children performed autumn poems, focusing on speaking clearly, using expression and actions. Reception did spelling activities using magnetic letters and art activities to practice children’s fine motor skills and Nursery enjoyed some messy play to also help develop their fine and gross motor skills. In Year 1 children sequenced the story of Little Red Hen and created role plays. Year 4 created collages of their Juniper Hall trip while Y5 made 2D shapes out of string in their maths lesson. Year 6 interviewed Anne Frank linked to their World War 2 topic. In the Forest children retold their stories through acting. The children were very enthusiastic about the day.

Visit from Korean Nursery School Headteachers

October 2015

We were visited by 30 enthusiastic Korean Nursery school headteachers. They were here to learn about our Early Years provision for children in the Day Care and School Nursery. The visitors particularly enjoyed the opportunity to see the children learning through play, singing and joining in retelling the story of the three little pigs.

Dictionaries presented by Leatherhead Rotary Club to Year 6

October 2015

We would like to say a huge thank you to Leatherhead Rotary Club for their extremely generous donation of dictionaries for each of our Year 6 pupils.  Year 6 were delighted to receive their dictionaries and were proudly showing them off around the school.  They are such a useful gift and will really support the children’s Literacy skills.


European Day of Languages

September 2015

Leatherhead Trinity School yet again celebrated this important day. Each class spent the morning creating a 'culture box' for a European country of its choice. These boxes contained a variety of artefacts, including famous places, and monuments, famous people, geographical and historical facts, food, music, poetry and of course, some examples of the language spoken there! The boxes were then presented in a whole school assembly so that the children could share what they had discovered about a wide range of European countries. Many classes preformed songs and poems. We were lucky that thirteen different European languages were represented by our children and staff on that day who said 'hello' in their language. Thanks to Squirrel Class for performing the song 'Hello to All The Children Of The World'. The boxes have been positioned around the school for the children, staff and visitors to peruse at their leisure!