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In Year 2 the children will have a daily literacy lesson,  as well as dedicated phonic/spelling, handwriting and guided reading sessions. The children are learning to use clear, cursive handwriting and are encouraged to take pride in the presentation of all of their learning.


This half term our literacy learning will include story writing based on a familiar story and descriptive poetry writing.


Throughout literacy lessons, we will develop our key writing skills and practise including powerful and effective vocabulary.

Spelling, Handwriting and Grammar

We also have daily spelling and handwriting sessions.


This half term we will continue to learn the spelling of high frequency words and common spelling patterns as well as practising using different suffixes and prefixes.


During handwriting sessions we will continue to practise our cursive joins. We are also consolidating the formation of ascenders and descenders. 


During our daily literacy sessions we have dedicated grammar activities. We will continue to consolidate the different word classes and practise using different sentence types.