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No Pens Day - 5th October 2016

Seaside Poetry


We have been learning about the seaside and in Literacy we have been learning about poetry. We learnt some seaside poems. We practised using expression and changing our voice to engage the audience. We also added actions.


We have also enjoyed Michael Rosen performing some of his poems. They were amazing and made us smile and laugh!


Enterprise Week


As a year group we decided to bake tasty treats to sell. We collected data using tally charts and presented our data in bar charts. Children had the choice of biscuits, cupcakes, rice crispy cakes or cornflake cakes. The most popular choices were cupcakes and biscuits. Our delicious treats will have a circus theme.


Maths Puzzles


As part of Enterprise Week we played lots of fun maths puzzles and games. We used a range of numeracy skills, including:

  • Counting in 'Snakes and Ladders'
  • Co-ordinates in 'Battleships'
  • Comparing numbers in 'Racing Cars'
  • Adding numbers and finding totals in 'Add Up Tiles'
  • Fractions dominoes


We all used our teamwork skills and persevered when we found some of the puzzles challenging. We particularly proud when we matched all of the fraction dominoes.


Visit from 'The Happy Puzzle Company'


We were extremely lucky and had a visit from The Happy Puzzle Company.


We worked in teams of 5 or 6 and had different challenges to complete. During the morning we realised that teamwork is really important and that none of the challenges were impossible. We used Teamwork Toucan, Resilient Rhino and Persistent Penguin to help us. 


Space Day


We celebrated Space Day and enjoyed lots of activities linked to space. Here is some of our learning:


Numeracy - We made space pictures using 2D shapes and practised describing the properties of the shapes. 

Literacy - We used role play to pretend that we travelled through space and were on the moon. We found aliens and used different sentence types to describe our thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Science - We created rocket mice. We predicted what would happen when we pressed the bottle and then discussed and explained why it happened. Some of us explored what would happened if we used different sized bottles.


We also enjoyed a visit from Mardi Brass and some of us had the opportunity to try to play the instruments. 


Animal Habitats


We researched animals and their habitats. We then chose an animal and created a picture to show the habitat. We experimented with watercolour to create the background and then blended charcoal to create light and shade for the tree. We then drew our animal and added detail using pen. 

Spectacular Symmetry


We learnt about symmetry and found symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. We then had a symmetry afternoon and chose our own symmetry activities to complete. 

Take One Picture - A Roman Triumph


We looked at A Roman Triumph by Peter Paul Rubens and completed activities based on it. 

Transport Home Learning Projects


For our topic home learning we made movable vehicles. 

Numeracy Swap Shop


In numeracy we have practised using the swap shop. At the swap shop we can exchange a ten for ten ones. The swap shop is helping us with our subtraction.

Friendship Web


As part of PSHE we made a Friendship Web. The web grew when we shared kind words and comments about our friends. We learnt that for a strong friendship web we needed to use Teamwork Toucan and Resilient Rhino. We also need lots of love and commitment. 

3D Shapes


In numeracy we used spaghetti and marshmallows to make 3D shapes. This helped us to count the number of faces, edges and vertices. 


We realised it was important to use Teamwork Toucan and Resilient Rhino to help us. 


We also used Venn diagrams to sort the shapes according to their properties. 

Visit to Brooklands Museum


Our visit to Brooklands Museum was a fantastic way to start our 'How do we travel topic?' We saw lots of different vehicles and went on different planes, including concorde. We were also allowed in the cockpit of one of the planes. During the day we also went on an old London bus and were given a ticket from the conductor. 

Forest School


We really enjoyed our Forest School sessions. We had the opportunity to complete lots of fun activities. They were:

  • building a bug hotel
  • creating a nest
  • creating a fire so we could boil water to make hot chocolate
  • making a camouflage mask 
  • designing an outfit using natural materials. 

China Home Learning Projects


Here are some examples of the home learning projects we made during our China topic. 

Chinese Take Away


As part of our China topic we had the opportunity to try different Chinese foods. The Zen Garden provided us with egg friend nice, chow mein, cripsy seaweed and prawn crackers. We would like to thank them for being so generous! We all enjoyed trying the different foods!

Year 2 visit to Polesden Lacey


We were very lucky and had the opportunity to visit Polesden Lacey. The house was decorated for Christmas and we enjoyed looking in the different room. We also made christingles and also completed a winter trail. 

Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II Home Learning Projects


Year 2 really enjoyed our topic on Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II. They created some fantastic home learning projects as part of their topic. The photos below show a selection of the projects. 

Making Gingered Bread


During our topic about Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II we made gingered bread. We enjoyed smelling the spices and eating the gingered bread. 


Later we wrote instructions to teach other people how to make the tasty treat.

Using Beebot during Computing


We have been learning about coding and using algorithms. We have practised programming Beebot to move him between different places on the Isle of Struay. It was really important to use Persistent Penguin and Resilient Rhino to help us when creating and using our algorithms. 

Skipping Workshop


We really enjoyed the skipping workshop. We all tried our best and understood that we needed to use Have a Go Hippo and Persistent Penguin to help us.  We practised skipping forwards and backwards. Some of us even had the chance to try double dutch skipping.

Island Home Learning Projects


We made different islands for our home learning projects. We could make a 3D model of an island, a collage or research an island. Below are some photos of our home learning projects. 

Investigating in Science

As part of our topic we have been learning about the different things we can do to keep healthy and happy. We completed an investigation and found out how to wash our hands correctly. During the investigation we had to make predictions and record our results. 


Remember to ask us to show you how to wash your hands correctly. 

Performing Poems

In Literacy we have been learning about poetry. As we have looked at Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne, we wrote our own shape poems about different fruit. 


We practised using adjectives and similes when writing our poems. Here are some of our similes:

  • My pineapple is as juicy as haribo. 
  • The orange is as orange as an autumn leaf. 
  • My pineapple is as prickly as a dragon. 


When performing our poems we practised:

  • Speaking clearly and using expression.
  • Looking at the audience.
  • Using actions to engage the audience. 


Learning about life in Scotland


As we were learning about Katie Morag and the Isle of Struay, we were very lucky and had a visitor to tell us about life in Scotland. 

No Pens Day

We really enjoyed No Pens Day! In the morning some of us were tempted to get a pen or pencil to complete our learning but throughout the day we found lots of different resources that we could use to help us. 

Autumn Poetry

We have started to learn about poetry and are going to write some autumn poems. We loved exploring the school and finding signs of autumn. We generated adjectives and key words that we can use within our poems. Here are just a few of our ideas:

  • pointy
  • rough
  • smooth
  • crunchy
  • rustling
  • evergreen
  • deciduous 
  • sharp
  • golden

European Day of Languages

We really enjoyed celebrating European Day of Languages. We focused on Portugal because some children in Badger Class come from Portugal or have relatives in Portugal. 

Badger Class Rules

As a class we discussed what made a safe and happy classroom. We had lots of fantastic ideas and so chose the five that we thought were most important.

Picture 1

Learning Odd and Even Numbers

We have been learning about the difference between odd and even numbers. The pictures above show some of Badger Class using numicon to decide if numbers are odd or even.

Some of us attempted an extra challenge and investigated which digit in the number shows if it is odd or even. 


  • How would you explain odd and even numbers to a buddy?
  • Which digit do you think shows whether a number is odd or even?