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Ethos and Values

Christian Values

Leatherhead Trinity is a caring, compassionate Christian community modelling inclusivity for all. The school’s strap line is ‘Inspiring Learning- Unlocking the Future’ and linked to this we have based our school values on the Christian teaching of: We are all made in the image of God and are worthy of respect. Our 5 key values are: Respect, which is our core value and linked to four further values of truth, love, forgiveness and commitment.


Child Centred

At Leatherhead Trinity we believe that everyone is unique. Each child will be encouraged to develop their own individuality and spiritual sensitivity. We promote Christian values; teaching children to respect themselves and others. We want children to be confident, happy, healthy and eager to learn. They will be encouraged to contribute and to collaborate; to be full of curiosity and to find their own maturity, as well as their place in the wider world.


Achievement for All

  • Leatherhead Trinity will seek to secure the highest possible quality of learning within the context of Christian belief and practice. We affirm all major world faith traditions.
  • We value academic achievement to the highest level. We monitor the progress of each individual to ensure progress against challenging but achievable targets. Children are encouraged to question, reason, listen and communicate. We want everyone to be aware of their own abilities and to be able to share these with others.
  • At Leatherhead Trinity we provide a wide range of learning opportunities. We encourage the arts and help children enjoy and excel at sport. Opportunities are given to nurture creativity and realise the potential of learning through play.
  • We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to develop their gifts and abilities. Additional challenge or support will be given to all those that need it whether they be children with special educational needs or the most able.


Community Focused

  • Leatherhead Trinity has established flexible and innovative community partnerships, which forge close links with the parents, the sponsoring churches, local businesses and the wider community.
  • At Leatherhead Trinity we harness the use of resources, including new technologies, to enhance learning for all. We provide a safe and happy, caring and inspiring environment in which everyone can flourish.
  • At Leatherhead Trinity we believe that we will achieve the very best if we all work together as a team to a common goal. Children, staff, governors, families, the multi-professional team and the local community all bring important skills and contributions. We learn from each other.

Our Vision Statement